Thursday, March 1, 2012

Viet Nam

Opera House

Post Office


  1. Great photographs of HCMC VIET NAM

  2. Viet Nam 1
    In busy downtown
    A statue of spirit
    Beeping scooters pass ~ Karl’s Blog haiku

    Viet Nam 2
    Feel the emptiness
    Of wide streets
    And vacant stares ~ Karl’s Blog haiku

  3. Viet Nam 3
    Grey official buildings
    Grey official art
    Statues of bleak stature ~ Karl’s Blog haiku

    Opera House
    Within these confines
    The arts of music and voice
    Fill the auditorium ~ Karl’s Blog haiku

    Viet Nam 4
    Eyes look to another world
    A realm found within
    Available now ~ Karl’s Blog haiku

    Post Office
    Built to impress
    Of concrete and filigree
    For fleeting messengers ~ Karl’s Blog haiku

    Viet Nam 5
    Sturdy towers
    Call the eyes upward
    Flowers dance in the breeze ~ Karl’s Blog haiku